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How To Understand The YouTube Video Manager

Within YouTube, the Video Manager is your main hub as a creator to see what is going on with your videos. From the Video Manager you can Edit, Delete, and Add videos to playlists. You can also turn monetization on and off. Basically if you want to become successful on YouTube, you need to take control of your Video Manager.

Here is what the video manager page looks like:


As you can see within the Video manager you can see all of your uploaded videos, their title, upload date, monetization settings, views, likes and comments.

Lets take a look at each of these individually.

On the right hand side of the screen next to each uploaded video you are going to see 3 different icons that look like this.

  • The Blue Globe lets you know that your video is public. Which means everyone searching YouTube can find and watch your video.
  • The Grey Check means that your video has been distributed out to all of your subscribers. If you see an icon here that is not the check this means that you have chosen to not send this video to your subscribers OR that it has not finished being sent over to them yet.
  • The Green Money Icon shows if your video is monetized or not. If you see a Green Icon with a White Money symbol in the middle this means your video is monetized and has ads running on it. If you see a green icon with a white question mark on it, this means that YouTube is still in the process of reviewing this video for monetization. If this icon is Greyed out, this means that this video has been rejected for monetization for various reasons.

To the right of these 3 icons you will see your videos stats. It will look like this:


The top stat that has the vertical lines on it is your videos total views. The stat below that is how many Likes and Dislikes that your video has. (The Thumbs Up being the Likes and the Thumbs Down being the Dislikes). Below that you will see a chat bubble and then another number, this is your videos total comments.

 If you click on these stats for each video you will then be taken to a more detailed analytics page for that specific video. 


There are 2 different view options within the Video Manager. The first one is a list with all of the data to the right of the video that looks like this:

Screenshot 2014-03-07 14.46.42

The second view option has your videos in a box view that lets you see your videos title and thumbnail image, and it looks like this:

Screenshot 2014-03-07 14.46.36

If you want to change your view option within the Video Manager go to the upper right hand side of the screen and choose your option there. It looks like this.

Screenshot 2014-03-07 14.46.32

You can also add videos to playlists within the video manager as well. All you have to do is check the videos that you want to add to a playlists and then click on the playlist drop down menu at the top of the screen and choose a playlist that you want to add the vide to.

*If you need to know how to create a playlist go here*

Screenshot 2014-03-07 14.55.15

If you have a video that you would like to delete from your YouTube channel and from YouTube all together you can do that from the Video Manager as well. Just check off the video or videos that you would like to delete and then click the Action drop down menu from the top of the screen and select Delete.

Screenshot 2014-03-07 14.57.13

If you are wanting to edit one of your videos you can do that easily within the Video Manager as well. Just click on the edit drop down menu below the video that you are wanting to edit. You will then see all of the different options that you have for editing your specific video.

Screenshot 2014-03-07 15.00.11

You can also search for a specific video by using the search uploads option in the upper right hand side of the Video Manager page.

Screenshot 2014-03-07 15.01.22

The video manager plays a large part in being able to create and run a successful YouTube Channel. If you know how to optimize and use all of the tools found within the Video Manager you will be ahead of the game.

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