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YouTube Resources

I thought it would help if I made a page of resources for all of your YouTube needs. Anything that is listed below is something that i PERSONALLY use or have used in the past, and I feel good promoting it. When building a YouTube brand it is great to know what tools have worked instead of having to sift through all of the JUNK that is out there.

Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission if you end up using some of these tools. In some cases you will actually receive a discount. I believe in being transparent with my community and hopefully by providing you with tools of the trade you will in turn have no problem in helping me.


Screenflow: Screenflow is the tool that I use when recording my screen on my Mac that allows me to create Amazing screencast. This tool has helped me more than I can even put into words. If you are looking into recording your screen on a mac THIS is the tool for you. Click here to get Screenflow For Mac


When building a brand through YouTube it would be a HUGE mistake not to have a website associated with your channel. This gives you opportunities to hold the viewer/reader longer and gives you a chance to make a sale or pitch your business to them through your website. Here are my personal favorite tools when creating a website.

Bluehost: ALL of my personal and business websites are hosted through BlueHost. Not only is it super SIMPLE, but it is also extremely reliable. The best part about it is the 1-Click WordPress install that allows you to easily install WordPress in literally seconds and will have your Blog/Website up and running within minutes! Also, you can have as many domains as you would like on the same hosting plan if you are thinking about having more than 1 website. Click This Link For A Special Discounted Price

GoDaddy: Godaddy is a great option for purchasing your domain name. If you want to own a piece of the internet this is the place to start. Just search for a URL and if it is available you will own that domain for less than 10 DOLLARS and within minutes! Click this link and receive 30% off your first Domain Name.

Here is a video I made on how to create and have your wordpress site up and running in UNDER 10 MINUTES!


Google Analytics: This is a great tool in tracking visitors that come to your YouTube channel home page as well as your website. Although you can only track visitors to your main channel page with Google Analytics, YouTube provides you with great analytics per video within the YouTube platform.