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How to make a YouTube end card to get more views

youtube end card

What is a YouTube End Card you might be asking? Well, I’m glad you asked! At the end of each of your videos you need to have some form of call to action, and an end card is a fantastic way of doing that. I will also have a download link at the bottom of this article for you to download this end card template in photoshop.

This is an example of a YouTube End Card

youtube end card

Benefits: How to Use Custom End Cards for YouTube

Typically the way you want to use outro slates is to annotate to previous videos we’ve done. (Link to videos) The subscribe button will generally be there and people can listen to the end of what you are saying in your outro while the end card is displayed. This is important because YouTube is paying more and more attention to watch  time.  If your video can do more to send more views and more traffic to your other videos, your videos will rank better in search.


As you can see, it has many different elements. The first think is the opportunity for the viewer to subscribe to your channel. That is front and center, and you want it to be clear that if they click HERE, they will be prompted to subscribe to your channel. The next think you will notice, is the “More Videos” section. Here, you will add thumbnails, OR you could even place actual videos that would be playing in the background and place a YouTube annotation on top of them, so they are clickable. The last thing you are going to notice is the “Social Media” links. When you are trying to build a community, a great way of doing that is allowing your audience to connect with you on your social platforms.


Tips When Creating An End Card

  • The colors should be bright and associated with the branding of your channel
  • The “More Videos” section should have videos that are related to the video that just ended
  • All links should work and be easily clickable when the viewer is trying to click them

Download the Photoshop End Card Template Here

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to create end cards

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