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018: Should You Join A YouTube Network With Benny From Comicstorian

In this episode of the YouTube Creators Hub podcast, we chat with Benny Potter from the Comicstorian YouTube channel. Benny has had great success with his channels in growing them into large brands.

Benny Runs Comicstorian, Eligible Monster, Mangastorian and a Youtube Subnetwork N4Gtv which functions through Maker Studios and MakerGEN. He is very knowledgeable in regards to YouTube Networks and we discuss when is the right time to join a network AND when you shouldn’t.

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TubeBuddy – A tool that makes your YouTube Life EASIER and Helps grow your channel.

Blue Yeti – A Great microphone to start out with when creating your content.

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Check out this great video from Comicstorian:

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