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How To Upload A YouTube Video

In this tutorial we are going to go over how to upload your very FIRST YouTube video! How Exiting is this!

Alright you need to do a few things before clicking that upload button.

  • Make sure one more time that your video is how you want it.
  • If at all possible make sure you have your video in 1920 X 1080 (1080P Video). This is the highest quality (other than 4K) and its always nice to have your videos at the best resolution.

1.) The first thing you need to do after sighing up for a youtube account and you have signed into your YouTube channel is to click on the upload button in the upper right hand side of the screen.



2.) After you have done this you will see a few different options. If you click on the down arrow that says public you will see 4 different ways you can upload your video.

  • Public – Everyone can see this video
  • Unlisted – Nobody can see this video until you make it public.
  • Private – Only the people that have the direct link to the video can view this video
  • Scheduled – This option allows you to schedule your upload for a later day and time.

3.) If you want your video on YouTube for everyone to see then choose Public.


4.) While your video is uploading you will see a progress bar that shows how long it will be until its finished and then below that you will be able to insert all of the video information while it is uploading. (Title, Description, Key Words, Category).


5.) After your video is finished uploading you will see a confirmation link that has a green checkmark and says “Congratulations Your Video Is now on Youtube”. You will also receive an email notification letting you know that it has been uploaded as well.


6.) You my friend have just uploaded your first YouTube video! Go to your “Video Manager” to go back and edit it and see all of it’s stats!

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