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I’m incredibly thankful and blessed to have these individuals who are generous enough to support my content on a monthly basis. Please see all past and present patrons below, as well as links to a variety of pages related to my Patreon campaign.

There are many benefits to becoming a patron of the YouTube Creators Hub. If you have a YouTube channel that you are wanting to promote or get out there this is a great cheap way of doing it AND you are supporting the show in the process.

Also, if you support at the $5 tier or higher you will have your name mentioned in the credits of the podcast once a month and have your name on this Patreon supporters page. You will also get access to the new once a month Patrons only podcast recording where I talk about the ins and outs of my Youtube channel and business. Think of it as inside baseball 🙂 I talk about my revenue, new ideas, and changes I’m making. It’s very casual BUT hopefully very enlightening.

-All Current Patron’s-


Kristina Smallhorn
Dave Sundstrom

Justina Rosu
JL Briggs
Kyle Wright
David Lukoff
Brent Berkley
Jimmy Jet
Matt Lane Fitness
Kristine W

Steven Reich
David A Cox
Murphy’s Theory
Pete Rondeau
Justin Miller
Ian Smith
Modern Design
Tel Stewart
Jesse Sherman
David Hindin
Matt Lydy
Jonathan Ginsberg
Kimberly Pratt
Tim Stiffler-Dean
Randy Engler
DIY Gene
Nick Nimmin

When you support the show on Patreon, you get access to the private creator discord, where EVERY SINGLE DAY we talk Youtube, Podcasting, Entrepreneurship, and so much more.


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