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Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects With AudioBlocks

When creating video content OR even podcasts it’s important to make your content SOUND and LOOK great. When it comes to the audio side of content creation I made a discovery a little over a year ago when I stumbled upon a website called AudioBlocks.

AudioBlocks is a website that provides content creators with GREAT audio files in the form of Music, Sound Effects, and Loops. If you need a background music bed to use for your Vlog AudioBlocks has that. Do you need a sound effect for a video transition? AudioblocksĀ have some AWESOME effects that will really make your content pop.

When talking about audio to use for your video content the most important thing is to find audio that you can use copyright free and will allow you to publish your video without having any issues with the YouTube copyright system. With Audioblocks you are able to use the music and sound effects without worrying if you will be hit with a Copyright Strike from YouTube.

Check out this video I did going over all of the uses and features of AudioBlocks:

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