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5 YouTube Video Seo Tips That Will Help Your Video Rank Higher

youtube video seo tips

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet, only begind Google. (Who by the way owns YouTube). With that being said being able to utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your videos is an important part in growing your YouTube channel and brand.

All of these SEO tips will be done BEFORE and DURING the video upload process. Understanding SEO is very important for A YouTube creator and getting started online in general. Search engines like Google and Bing are looking for content that people are searching for and then they rank this content. Depending on a number of variables your content will be ranked on a list.

If someone searches for “YouTube SEO Tips”, there will be a number of options come up. The ones that come up first are ranked higher in the search engines due to the Search Engine Optimization behind the scenes.

I am going to share 5 Tips that I have learned that will help your YouTube videos rank higher in search.

1.) Content Is King – The first tip is not so much a tip,  as it is just common sense. If you want your video to rank higher in search results create content that is engaing and that people want to watch. If you do this, the video will receive a TON of YouTube and will be shared accross multiple social networks. This is organic traffic, this is the kind of traffic that you want to grow your channel.

 Receiving “Likes and Favorites” on your videos is an important factor that YouTube places a lot of value in. If your content is good you will receive the Likes and Favorites. 


2.) Publishing Content On A Regular Basis – This is extremely important. If your viewers/community know that you are consistent and are not going to just up and quit one day, they will be more likely to subscribe and stick around. When you are looking for content creators to invest in you are not going to subscribe and watch someone who only puts out 1 video per year, you are going to look for those creators who are committed to great content every week, and by doing this YouTube takes notice and will rank your videos higher due to your consistency.

3.) Title, Tags, and Description – These three things are crucial when uploading your video to help your video rank higher in search. Lets talk about each of them seperately.

  • Title – When coming up with a Title for your video there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure your keywords are in the front of the title and then you brand the video at the end. When you are writing your title for your video really think about what your Title is saying. Make it a “Clickable” title, something that when in a list stands out.

Example: 5 YouTube Seo Tips That Will Make Your Video Rank Higher – YouTube Creators Hub

  • Tags – Tags are words or phrases that you place in the Tag box of each video that are related to your video. If your video is about YouTube SEO tips you could put tags like;  SEO Tips, Video Seo Tips, SEO, and other related keywords. A great thing to do when trying to come up with the best tags for your video is to use the Google Keyword Tool. With this tool you are able to search for specific terms and phrases and see how many times a month that this keyword/phrase is searched for.
  • Description – The description of your video is where you are going to explain what your video is about. In the description it is always a good idea to break down your video and put as much relevant information about the video in the description area. This is also a great location to put your social media information for your viewers to contact you outside of YouTube.

4.) Playlists – Having your videos in playlists also helps your video’s ranking as well. If your content is segmented and orgainzed into groups of similar content this helps YouTube even more in knowing what the video is about. With that being said YouTube’s algorithm will value your content even more if it is placed in a relevant playlist.

*** If you need to know how to create a YouTube Playlist Go Here***

5.) Comment On Your Videos – Interacting with your audience and community not only helps you build your core audience BUT it also helps in search results as well. If you are commenting on your videos when your viewers are asking your questiosn and commenting on your videos this lets YouTube know that this video is active and somebody wants to talk about it. Always respond to your viewers when you upload your videos, because the more comments that are on your video the better.

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