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March 2014 Channel Report – TechnologyGuru YouTube Channel

My Channel Reports

Once a month, I write a detailed report about my youtube channel analytics. I always begin by describing the things I did within the previous month that might have an impact on my channel growth. Then, I breakdown the channel growth itself and always finish with what I’ve learned.

March 2014 Channel Breakdown

March was another fantastic month for the channel and I am proud of the way that it is continuing to grow. The channel accumulated over 410,000 views and 2,775 new subscribers in March and those numbers I am glad to say are continuing to grow.

The Happenings In The Month Of March

March was a month of consistency for me in that I published 1-3 videos every week and continued to add the end cards to the end of each video to link to my older/similar content. As promised last month I told you guys that I would report back on the results. I am glad to say that by dedicating the extra time to create these end cards I saw an almost 40% increase in click through rates on my YouTube Annotations. If you want to learn about Annotations and how to use them click here. This is fantastic when trying to increase the oh so important watch time on your videos.

If you want to see an example of the End Cards that I am using on my videos watch the end of this video.

Also, I released the first ever episode of the YouTube Creators Hub Podcast and have been putting the llinks to that in my new videos. I have seen some great results from those links and have found that many of my viewers are interested in this content. If you havn’t heard our podcast download it here.

March 2014 Channel Analytics

  • Views – 410,599 Total Views (Up 4.44% from February 2014)
  • Subscribers – 2,772 new Subscribers (Up 2.30% from January 2014)
  • Total Minutes Watched – 907,920 Minutes (Up 3.58% from January 2014)
  • Video Likes – 3,936 Likes (Up 3.98% from January 2014)
  • Comments – 1007 Comments (Down 3.80% from January 2014
  • Shares – 113 Shares (Down 6.7% from January 2014)
  • Favorites Added – 565 Favorites (Up 3.50% from January 2014)

What I learned in March

This month I learned that consistency is key in creating content. When you have an audience that wants to watch your content they don’t want a channel who publishes content once every other Month. They want a channel that publishes content consistently. I have found that creating a content schedule is the best thing to do for this. Map out on a piece of paper or document on your computer as to when you are going to release your  videos and what the content is going to be about.

Thank you for everyone who listened to the podcast this month and for those of you  who have been responding and supporting the website and YouTube  channel. I am looking forward to the future of all of the stuff we are creating!

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