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How To Change Your YouTube Profile Picture

Your youtube profile picture (also commonly referred to as an avatar) is what will represent you visually on Youtube when you make comments as well as other areas along the way. Having an attractive YouTube profile image is very important in that it allows others to see what you are about, and if you have a professional looking profile image viewers may take more notice.

 Another great reason to create an attractive YouTube profile image is because you can set it up to be a watermark on all of your videos for viewers to click on and then subscribe to your channel. 

Here is how you can change your YouTube profile image:

1.) Your youtube and Google+ accounts are linked together and because of that you will be changing your Google+ profile image as well.

2.) Once you are logged into your YouTube account you will need to go up to the upper right hand corner and click on your profile image icon in order for the options to come available. Once you do you will see these options.

Screenshot 2014-03-03 14.13.44

3.) Click on the YouTube Settings option.

4.) When you do you will then be prompted to the YouTube Settings panel and you need to click on “Edit On Google+”. You will then be taken to your Google+ profile.

5.) Hover over your Google+ profile image and you will see the “Change Profile Photo” option become available to you. Click on that.


6.) Once you click the “Change Profile Photo” link you will then be asked to upload your new profile image. Make sure it is readable and says something about your Channel/Brand.

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your YouTube Profile Image:

  • The Default Size is 90 x 90 px
    BUT For best results upload an 800px by 800px image. Maximum file size is 1MB. All Non-square images will be cropped. Also, If you want to create any separation between your channel icon and your channel artwork, you will need to include a border within your channel icon.
  • Limit the amount of words and lettering on your image due to how small it is this can clutter the image and could make it very confusing for viewers.
  • Make it as bright and bold as possible. The more your image stands out the better it is for your channel in the long run.
  • Make the image PROFESSIONAL… I cannot stress this point enough, when you set this image to be the watermark on ALL of your YouTube videos you want this to represent you well.

Here is a Video Tutorial On How To Change Your YouTube Profile Image:

  • I want to change my youtube photo background picture


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