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December 2015 Channel Report

I haven’t done one of these in a while BUT I want to get back on track in the new year so I thought I would do one for the last month in 2015! Start the year off right 🙂

In the monthly Channel Reports, I take a look at my YouTube channel and breakdown the numbers and talk about what I did right and what I did wrong.

December is normally a great month when it comes to content creation on Youtube. Obviously, for monetary reasons as Advertisers are running more ads spending that marketing budget, but outside of that, I saw views and Subscribers go up dramatically. I had 651,000 views and gained 3,032 new subscribers. This is up almost 25% in both categories from last December. I always love comparing months in the current year to last year to see where I am at!

The Happenings In The Month of December:

I released 8 new videos in the month of December which is about average for what I have been doing this year. (Next Year I plan on creating a release schedule so my community knows when to expect certain pieces of content). *** More On This in a future post!

I tested a new type of thumbnail on my videos with a different design. I have learned that by including a border around the thumbnail, it makes your videos stand out from the rest in search results.

Example of my new thumbnails here:

youtube channel report

To learn how to create great-looking YouTube thumbnails I have created some great video resources Here.

I also have signed up for an external YouTube Application called TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is a great tool that can be utilized to do certain things that are not available to creators from the native YouTube platform.

For more information about TubeBuddy go Here:

Overall it was a fantastic December on YouTube and a great Year overall. I cannot wait to commit more time to YouTube in 2016 as well as this website to help other’s like yourself reach their YouTube goals in 2016.

As always guys don’t forget to listen to the YouTube Creators Hub Podcast, where I interview other YouTubers and ask them questions about their YouTube careers and any other advice they would give to aspiring YouTubers.


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