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310: Teaching Old Tech On YouTube With Colten From Hardware Haven

This week we are joined by Colten from the Hardware Haven YouTube channel. He tells his story of getting some old technology from his work and making some fun educational content and then the rest is HISTORY. We talk about his quick success, his YouTube Short strategy, what it takes to succeed on YouTube and SO much more.

About Colten:

My name is Colten Dean (I prefer not to share my last name publicly at the moment) and I’m 26 years old and live near Oklahoma City, OK. I’ve always been interested in computers and tech, and love tinkering. About 6 months ago, I came across some old computers one day that my employer was throwing out, and I asked if I could take them. On a whim, I decided to record my process of cleaning, upgrading, and testing them, and uploaded them to YouTube. As part of that project, I also made a YouTube short that pretty much went viral, gaining over 1M views. This. I think, gave me a lot of traction early on, and since then, I’ve continued to make content about older computer hardware and fun ways to utilize them in an attempt to inspire people to tinker with and appreciate older tech in the same ways I have.

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Links Discussed In This Episode

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