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029: How To Grow A YouTube Channel From The Ground Up

YouTube Creators Hub Podcast

029: How To Grow A YouTube Channel From The Ground Up

In this episode, I take time to talk about how you can grow a fresh/small YouTube channel. Here are the notes I took while making this episode.

How To Grow A Brand New YouTube Channel:

First, understand why people watch youtube

Recommended Video


To Be Educated (Searching Out Information)

Research — Don’t just put up random videos

What is your channel really about?

What is your target audience?

Where is your audience hanging outside of YouTube

How can you get the Viewer to subscribe and share?

Spy on Your People (Recon)

Search Forums, Facebook, Twitter, and Everywhere.


Find your own — Don’t copy someone else’s exactly BUT here is a template to go by

Hook the viewer in the first few seconds 3-7

Show a bumper – not necessary BUT does help with branding!

Main Content — Engage User – and Fun outro that entices the viewer to engage!

All different types of channels will have different formulas and structure

Once you have done all of this UPLOAD AND OPTIMIZE

Make sure you are utilizing your video tags and titles appropriately and make sure you include a Thumbnail that stands out!

Share that video!!

Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, MAKE GOOD QUALITY POSTS — DONT SPAM

Engage and Interact with your audience… How can you grow if you don’t interact with your community

Engaged Viewers will equal to MAJOR GROWTH

Collaborate When Possible — This takes advantage of both people’s audience

Having a game plan for your channel from the beginning is so important and will help you in the long run.

Putting the time, in the beginning, to get to know your audience and other relevant information will pay off BIG in the long term.

Also, remember how valuable watch time is.

YouTube ranks videos primarily off of Watch Time.

Links Discussed In This Episode

Canon 70D – The camera that I use in my videos.

TubeBuddy – A tool that makes your YouTube Life EASIER and Helps grow your channel.

AudioBlocks – A Fantastic Resource for royalty free music.

Adobe Premiere – The video editing software that Vinny uses for all of his videos.

Screenflow — A fantastic Screen Recording software for mac to create beautiful screencast videos.

Adobe Audition — Audio editing software.

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