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024: Streaming and YouTube With Vinny From Vinesauce

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024: Streaming and YouTube With Vinny From Vinesauce

In this episode with chat with Vinny from the Vinesauce YouTube channel about what it takes to grow a successful YouTube channel. He talks about Twitch Streaming and how he uses his past streams to post content on his second YouTube channel. We discuss the business model of streamers and how you can do both streaming and YouTube to benefit you on both ends.

He streams on Twitch.TV and then posts his past broadcasts on his YouTube channel.

Links Discussed In This Episode


AudioBlocks – A Fantastic Resource for royalty free music.

Adobe Premiere – The video editing software that Vinny uses for all of his videos.

Handbrake – A video converting software.

Screenflow — A fantastic Screen Recording software for mac to create beautiful screencast videos.

Adobe Audition — Audio editing software.

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Check out this great video from Vinny:

  • Hey Rusty – can’t believe i’ve only recently discovered this podcast.

    Keep up the great work – loyal listener now


  • Hey Rusty

    Can’t believe I only just recently discovered this podcast

    Keep up the awesome work – I’m now a regular listener



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